Popular Writing

I regularly write about economics and economic policy at the blog Ekonomistas. Ekonomistas was dubbed "Swede of the year" in 2017 in the business and economics category and was awarded Ohlininstitutet's "debattörspris" in 2022. My thoughts on writing about economics for a broader audience is available in this interview (in Swedish). If you prefer to watch rather than read, you can watch me in a discussion about greed here (in Swedish). 

During the Covid-19 pandemic , I contributed to a few pieces related to Covid-19:

Article about trade-offs between saving lives and saving the economy for SSE's Sweden through the crisis project. 30 minute lecture (in Swedish) largely based on the article. 

Short paper in Economics Bulletin on the optimal trade-off between economic activity and health during an epidemic.  

Short white paper on policies to cope with the pandemic and a clarification (in Swedish) about a misunderstanding about the economic benefits. 

Opinion articles in Svenska Dagbladet and Aftenposten about mass testing.  Podcasts with Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet.

A selection of earlier non-academic writing is provided below.

Five blog posts at Curie

"Kan en hjälpande knuff stjälpa en osynlig hand?" Literature survey written for the Swedish Consumer Agency.

"Kunskap måste gå före ideologi och populism”. Opinon article with several others in Dagens Nyheter, May 31, 2015.

"Arbetsmarknadsreformer för jobb och välfärd." (with Bertil Holmlund, Mårten Palme and Eva Mörk). See also article in Dagens Nyheter and other reports from the project about immigrants, international comparisons, Austria and the Netherlands.

"Varför värna den personliga integriteten?". Book chapter in Dalunde (ed.), Integritet i en global värld, Fores+Ivrig förlag, 2012.

"Nationalekonomins grunder" (with Erik Mohlin). Book chapter in Gerlach (ed.), Nationalekonomi för vänstern. Teori för jämlikhet och välfärd, Kata förlag, 2011.

"Paternalism". Book chapter in Gerlach (ed.), Nationalekonomi för vänstern. Teori för jämlikhet och välfärd, Kata förlag, 2011.

"Nationalekonomi för vänstern" (with Erik Mohlin and Peter Gerlach), Tvärdrag 2009/6.

"Beteendeekonomi och konsumentpolitik". Report on consumer policy written for the Swedish Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, 2009.

"Från nationalekonomi till ekonomik?" (editorial with Martin Flodén), Ekonomisk Debatt, 2009, 37(3), p 3–4.

"Homo Economicus" (book review), Ekonomisk Debatt, 2006, 34(5), p 52–54.

"Den oekonomiska människan", Dagens Nyheter, January 18, 2006.

"Teorier spelar roll!" (reply), Ekonomisk Debatt, 2005, 33(6), p 58–59.

"Är nationalekonomin ideologisk?", Ekonomisk Debatt, 2005, 33(2), p 6–18

"Fett och beroende", Dagens Nyheter, May 3, 2005.